Hipster Mario & The Gang's Story

What you see before you is a collection of characters from the famous video game of Mario Kart. This is the story of what they have been up to after they left the video game world. Each of them has gone through some changes in search of their true selves beyond gaming. Below are their stories.

Bearded Mario

As Mario grew older he stopped shaving out just the mustache. Mario's wisdom grew with every strand of his beard. Now you can find Mario in coffee shops built inside bank vaults and designing the next revolutionary social network.

Mustachio Luigi

Luigi, tired of the old grind, branched out and styled his mustache. Luigi wanted to define himself not as Mario's sidekick and trusty confidant but as a unique individual full of intellect. Luigi spends most of his time at steampunk events and indie comic books stores.

Flower Princess Peach

Peach's experience as a captured princess has taught her a lot about humanity. After her 3-month stint backpacking across Europe, Peach has found her passion in fashion and now resides in a quaint loft in Venice Beach. You can find her now at most EDM concerts and the occasional trip to Joshua Tree.

Mysterious Toad

Longtime adorable friend and protector of Peach, Toad fled the world he was accustomed to. Toad struggled with the idea that he would forever live in the 'friend-zone'. He instantly hit the gym, grew a strong beard and answers to no one. You can find Toad walking about Manhattan, but no one really knows what he is up to.

Lumber Yoshi

After a long run as Mario's number one mode of transportation and confidant, Yoshi wanted to get back to his roots. Yoshi's appetite increasingly became vegan after the sudden realization that he preferred converting plants into energy more than the Koopa Troopa's he typically spits out. You can find Yoshi at open-mic on Tuesday's where he recites meta poetry or making specialty cocktails at the local speakeasy.

Nostalgic Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong doesn't just miss the good old days, he still relives them. Life was good back on the Island that he returned. DK has revitalized his love for the 80's and has since started an 80's tribute band and rewatches old football footage from when he used to play.

Shepard Bowser

Bowser is a perfect example of "If you keep making that face, it will stay like that forever". Though he looks angry, Bowser has found peace in the fact that he may never conquer the Mushroom Kingdom as long as Mario and the gang are still alive. Bowser now is living far from society in the meadows of Northern Ireland herding sheep. You can find him enjoying a pint at his local watering hole.